MARCS Research Meeting - 26th October 2021

Event Name MARCS Research Meeting - 26th October 2021
Start Date 26th Oct 2021 11:00 am
End Date 26th Oct 2021 12:00 pm
Duration 1 hour

11am - 12:00pm - MARCS Research Meeting


Zoom ID: 839 6390 0819
Password: marcs

NOTE: We are starting to host hybrid (zoom + in-person) MRMs as we return to the campus. You can now attend MRMs in person at Bankstown Campus.

Join us at the next MRM with talks from PhD student Andrea Calilhanna and Professor Kate Stevens, Director of MARCS

Topic: Pedagogy and Notation of the Meter through the Ski-Hill graph
Speaker: Andrea Calilhanna

Imagine your favourite music devoid of the meter. Scenarios as ludicrous as this encourage us to think deeply about the critical presence of the meter processed through the human auditory system both physically and in the imagination. Yet, typically, the pedagogy of musical meter defaults at some point to notational understandings, such as a time signature or score. Although a plethora of recent research in the cognitive sciences situates the meter with the listener as a psychoacoustic process evoked by acoustics as music, many of us are unaware that the human auditory system is the largest neural processing network in the mind and body. This study develops the work in my thesis ‘Teaching Musical Meter to School-Age Students Through the Ski-Hill Graph’ (2018) which showed that modern meter theory (Cohn, 2020) is informed by the listener’s psychoacoustic and embodied experience of sound rather than notation. The work in my doctoral dissertation aims to contribute new research to fill a gap in the literature by scientifically testing the ski-hill graph (Cohn, 2001) and Milne’s (2016) SkiHill app. Through a mixed methods approach the dissertation aims to provide novel data on the pedagogy and visualisation of the meter through the ski-hill graph and active listening,  traditional meter theory and time signatures, and ordered set notation.

Topic: MARCS Institute: Planning for 2022
Speaker: Professor Kate Stevens, Director of MARCS

As we approach the end of 2021, Professor Kate Stevens will be sharing the plans for MARCS Institute for Brain, Behaviour and Development in 2022.

MARCS staff and students are reminded that all meetings and workshops have an important role in building and maintaining the sense of community which is central to the success of MARCS as a cooperative and energetic research institute.  

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