MARCS Research Meeting - 21st September 2021

Event Name MARCS Research Meeting - 21st September 2021
Start Date 21st Sept 2021 11:00 am
End Date 21st Sept 2021 12:00 pm
Duration 1 hour

11am - 12:00pm - MARCS Research Meeting


Zoom ID: 839 6390 0819
Password: marcs

Join us at the next MRM with our invited speaker Dr Manuel Varlet (Chief Scientist), to present 'Self-other processing underlying interpersonal synchronisation.'

Topic: Self-other processing underlying interpersonal synchronisation 
Speaker: Dr Manuel Varlet

Synchronising our actions with others is critical for successful social interactions. It enables extending individual action capabilities, facilitates conversation, and supports social bonding. This talk will present recent research combining motion tracking and electroencephalography hyper scanning to investigate self-other processing underlying interpersonal synchronisation.

We thank you for your continued attendance at the MRM's and look forward to seeing you again.
MARCS staff and students are reminded that all meetings and workshops have an important role in building and maintaining the sense of community which is central to the success of MARCS as a cooperative and energetic research institute. Your attendance is both welcomed and expected.

Disclaimer: MRM meetings may be recorded on Zoom for future access to MARCS members
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