MMM & MAC - MARCS Monday Meeting and MARCS Afternoon Colloquium 03 August 2020

Event Name MMM & MAC - MARCS Monday Meeting and MARCS Afternoon Colloquium 03 August 2020
Start Date 3rd Aug 2020 12:00 pm
End Date 3rd Aug 2020 2:00 pm
Duration 2 hours

Join us at the next MMM with a presentation by Dr Anton Bogdanovych on Virtual Reality.

Followed by an afternoon colloquium with A/Prof Genevieve Steiner on Dementia Prevention.

NOTE: Both sessions will take place via Zoom ID 986 9057 6845.


12pm - MARCS Monday Meeting

Topic: Invitation to Collaborate: How Virtual Reality Can Create New Opportunities for your Projects
Speaker: Dr. Anton Bogdanovych, Director of Academic Programs, School of Computer, Data and Mathematical Sciences

Abstract: Due to technological developments in the past three years Virtual Reality (VR) has finally reached an acceptable level of maturity. VR headsets are becoming affordable, easy to setup and easy to use. Picture quality has also increased substantially and cybersickness is now much less of an issue. In this talk I will discuss the state of the art in VR and will showcase a number of my project to illustrate how VR can create new opportunities for research in various disciplines ranging from cultural heritage and history to health and real estate.

Biography: Dr Anton Bogdanovych is a Senior Lecturer of Entertainment Computing and Applied Artificial Intelligence within the School of Computing, Data and Mathematical Sciences. He is involved in a number of research projects related to virtual reality, artificial intelligence, robotics and motion capture, and runs a number of Virtual Reality focused projects including the Sony Funded project investigating the use of Virtual Reality in treating chronic pain. Dr  Bogdanovych has been the Director of Academic Programs for the Bachelor of Entrepreneurship degree since 2017.

1pm – MARCS Afternoon Colloquium

Topic: Dementia prevention: pie in the sky or pie in the face?
Speaker: A/Prof. Genevieve Steiner, Director of Research, Neurocognition Laboratory Lead, and NHMRC-ARC Dementia Research Development Fellow, NICM Health Research Institute

Abstract: Dementia is the single greatest cause of disability in Australians aged 65 years and over, and is now the second leading cause of mortality in Australians, and the highest in women. At least one-third of an individual’s dementia risk is considered modifiable and there is growing international attention being paid to dementia prevention. With so many failed clinical trials and no effective disease modifying treatments for dementia available, in 2020, we are now asking the question: should dementia prevention be the next major public health area of focus? In this presentation, A/Prof Steiner will review the latest evidence on dementia prevention, Australia’s role in the international landscape, and discuss the pie question on everyone’s lips – is dementia prevention truly possible?

Biography: Associate Professor Genevieve Steiner is an NHMRC-ARC Dementia Research Development Fellow, and NICM Health Research Institute's Director of Research and Neurocognition Lab lead. As a cognitive neuroscientist, her research spans the early detection, prevention, and treatment of memory and thinking problems in older people with the aim of reducing dementia risk and improving quality of life. The research that A/Prof Steiner and her team conducts examines changes in the brain’s function and structure to discover biomarkers for dementia and test novel therapeutics that can provide early intervention.

MARCS staff and students are reminded that all meetings and workshops have an important role in building and maintaining the sense of community which is central to the success of MARCS as a cooperative and energetic research institute.  Your attendance is both welcomed and expected.

The zoom ID is: 986 9057 6845 . Link to zoom