MARCS Monday Meeting (MMM): A/Prof Gabrielle Weidemann

Event Name MARCS Monday Meeting (MMM): A/Prof Gabrielle Weidemann
Start Date 18th Feb 2019 11:00 am
End Date 18th Feb 2019 12:00 pm
Duration 1 hour

MARCS Monday Meeting (MMM) (Room 3.G.55 - Building 3)

Associate Professor Gabrielle Weidemann

Topic: Australian infants sensitivity to the cultural differences in the display of infant directed emotions as modelled by Australian and Japanese mothers.

Abstract: The extent to which there is diversity in the expression and perception of basic emotions is a notion which is increasingly open for interrogation. This study examined infant’s sensitivity to detect differences in infant directed emotional expressions from different cultures at different ages by measuring three types of emotions (anger, happiness, surprise) expressed by mothers from two different cultures (Australian and Japanese).

Thank you for a great attendance at the first MMM for 2019 (11/2). Let's keep the momentum going!

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