MARCS Monday Meeting (MMM): BIGS Innovative Techniques

Event Name MARCS Monday Meeting (MMM): BIGS Innovative Techniques
Start Date 2nd Jul 2018 10:30am
End Date 2nd Jul 2018 12:30pm
Duration 2 hours

You are invited to a BIGS (Big Ideas Grand Schemes)

Innovative Techniques: Presentations & Discussion for Synchronicity Research program

Room: BA-3.G.55

Morning tea and lunch provided (vegetarian options available)

Please register your interest in attending with Karen

Andrew Milne and David Bulger (Macquarie University) will present on "Point Process Models for Synchronisation and Rhythm Entrainment”; and Chris Davis and Bronson Harry will present on "Hyperscanning and Functional Near Infrared Spectroscopy"

The idea for BIGS arose from the 2016 external review of MARCS. Specifically, the external review panel noted that MARCS is a unique interdisciplinary research institute, and as such should be developing one or more large interdisciplinary projects that address BIG ISSUES. These Big Issue projects were envisioned by the review panel as innovatively and ideally addressed by MARCS Institute, involving synergistic collaboration across our research areas and with the potential to reach out beyond MARCS to include colleagues at WSU Schools as well as other institutions.

Those Big Ideas and Grand Schemes – which MARCS  should lead – must begin at home.

We are looking forward to a fun, invigorating discussion, and to the emergence of some amazing cross-cutting research ideas!