Emily Tan

Research Program: Brain Sciences - Speech and Language

Emily Tan graduated with her Bachelors (Honors) in Psychology from Bates College in May 2019 and is currently visiting MARCS as a U.S. Postgraduate Fulbright Research Fellow. Having spent many years volunteering with individuals with special needs, Emily's initial research interests pertained to the psychological wellbeing of caregivers. Emily's senior psychology thesis examined the relationship between religious support and life satisfaction in parents of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder or related developmental disorders.

Prior to visiting MARCS, Emily served as a research assistant in Dr. Elizabeth Spelke's infant studies laboratory at Harvard University, where she cultivated an appreciation for developmental methods and research questions. Emily's current areas of interest are early language acquisition and word segmentation in young infants, with a focus on the different mediums through which infants are able to segment novel words. Emily is particularly interested in this domain as it has translational implications for parent/caregivers populations.

Emily also has a background in music and enjoys both singing and classical piano in her spare time.

Purpose of Visit

Emily is collaborating on a research project with Dr. Denis Burnham and Dr. Peter Keller investigating melodic and monotonal word segmentation in the MARCS Baby Lab.

Appointment Dates

August 2019 - June 2020

Home University / Employer

Bates College - Maine, United States of America