Dr David Bulger

Research Program: Music Cognition and Action


Dr David Bulger is a Senior Lecturer in Macquarie University's Mathematics and Statistics Department, with a wide range of research interests. His masters thesis was on existence and uniqueness of solutions to complex integro-differential equations. His doctoral work was on abstract 'adaptive search' models of stochastic global optimisation algorithms. After his PhD, he worked for three years as a computer programmer, before returning to academia.

He has published research in many areas, including stochastic and quantum-computational optimisation algorithms, quantum walks, the statistical analysis of microarray data for the development of diagnostic models for leukaemia, spread rate of avian influenza, seasonal trends in error rates in health care provision, statistical pedagogy, social dynamics of the Australian brush turkey, optimisation for electromagnetic engineering design, and mathematical models of rhythm and harmony in music theory.

Current research focuses on mathematical musicology, including voice-leading spaces, geometric and statistical models of rhythm, and generative compositional models, and optimisation, including multi-fidelity optimisation in computer-aided design and a multi-objective optimisation project in public conservation spending.

David is also an enthusiastic amateur musician.

Purpose of Visit

Dr Bulger is on sabbatical from Macquarie University, working on a research project with Dr Andy Milne.

Appointment Dates

July 2019 - December 2019


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