Dr Niels Chr. Hansen will be conducting a postdoctoral research project on “The role of oxytocin in the evolutionary origins of joint music making” in close collaboration with Professor Peter Keller. This project is generously funded by Carlsberg Foundation and Lundbeck Foundation and aims to reveal the underlying neurobiological mechanisms by which the neurohormone oxytocin—involved in parenting, pair bonding, and social memory—facilitates synchrony and cohesion between individuals engaged in joint musical tasks.
Dr Tamara Rathcke is a senior lecturer in Linguistics at the University of Kent/UK. As a phonetician, shestudies spoken language and non-verbal means of communication. Her research focuses on prosodic aspects of speech, and she is particularly interested in understanding links that connect language with music.
Dr Pelle Söderström investigates predictive processing in areas such as spoken word recognition, prosody, syntax and morphology. He is a visiting postdoctoral fellow funded by the Swedish Research Council, Dr Söderström is currently working with Professor Anne Cutler, investigating the neurophysiological correlates of spoken word recognition and prediction.
Dr Nan Xu's research focuses on Language Acquisition in children (monolingual, bilingual and those with hearing loss) and adult second language learners. She is interested in early bilingual development in pre-schoolers: how children acquire multiple languages, how they develop language competency, and the implications of bilingualism for school readiness.