Felix Dobrowohl

Felix DobrowohlSenior Technical Officer


Felix is a Senior Technical Officer based at our Bankstown Campus. He has a strong background in Audio Engineering, Experimental Psychology, Cognitive Science and Musical Performance and Production.

Previously, Felix has held a variety of positions including working as a classical musician in solo, chamber music and orchestral settings, as an audio engineer and Tonmeister for Pop/Rock and classical recordings and completing a PhD as an experimental psychology researcher studying human perception of musical timbre. His research uses interactive music manipulation interfaces to understand and explore the listeners processes behind mixing music and preferences for different types of sound.

Position Responsibilities

In his role as Technical Support Officer Felix provides technical support for specialised equipment for the recording, editing, playback and analysis of auditory signals. He also sets up and maintain general computing equipment, experimental software, cognitive science data analyses and laboratory facilities.


  • PhD (submitted) - Cognitive Science, Experimental Psychology - Western Sydney University
  • Bachelor of Music Engineering - Music and Media
  • Diploma (Masters) in Music, Classical Concert Performance and Music Paedagogy


Email F.Dobrowohl@westernsydney.edu.au
Location Western Sydney University Bankstown Campus
Room 5.G.57