Dr Russell Jarvis


Postdoctoral Researcher


Russell Jarvis is a post-doctoral researcher at Western Sydney University. His work focuses specifically on developing a high-level interface to Neuromorphic hardware and instantiating a visual cortex model in neuromorphic hardware. Russell is a committed bicycle commuter.

Responsibilities include: developing a neuromorphic interface using Julia+Python and developing novel event-based learning algorithms for acting on Spatio-temporal sensory data. Other responsibilities include implementing a model of cortical neural processing on neuromorphic hardware using the above interface, developing coursework and participating in grant writing and co-supervision of honours and post-graduate students.

Research Interests

Developing data-driven biologically informed spiking neural network models and interfacing neuromorphic hardware to high-level programming languages.

Qualifications and Honours

  • BCH Electronic Engineering La Trobe University
  • MA Biomedical Engineering La Trobe University
  • PhD Neuroscience Arizona State University


Gerkin, R. C., Jarvis, R. J., & Crook, S. M. (2018). Towards systematic, data-driven validation of a collaborative, multi-scale model of Caenorhabditis elegans. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences373(1758), 20170381.


0444 576 307
International Centre for Neuromorphic Systems, Penrith campus (Werrington South)