Dr Tomas Trescak

Research program: Human-Machine Interaction


Dr. Tomas Trescak holds a PhD title in Computer Science with specialisation in artificial intelligence from Artificial Intelligence Research Institute, Barcelona, Spain (IIIA) of the Spanish Research Council (CSIC). Since May 2013, he works at Western Sydney University, where in 2016 he incorporated as Lecturer. Tomas’s research flows through several realities, virtual, augmented and the real one, seeking new ways with Artificial Intelligence to facilitate complex cognitive tasks in simulation, education, health care, cyber security and social sciences. Dr. Trescak’s main contribution is in facilitation of creation and execution of self-adaptable, interactive normative 3D environments and their subsequent application to the fields of agent-based simulation.

During his research, he has developed several techniques and methods and implemented them in the set of open-source tools, used world-wide. These works were published in acclaimed international conferences and journals. Tomas is also multi-awarder researcher and academic, among others receiving in 2015 a Digital Disruptor Award, a gold medal for the best higher education educator by Australian Computer Society, or the Best Innovator award by Unearthed association.

Research Interests

3D virtual worlds
Agent-Based Simulation
Artificial Intelligence
Computational Design
Digital Humanities
Educational Technology
Graphic Design
Human-Computer Interaction
Intelligent Agents
Multi-agent systems
Science Education
Software Engineering
Teaching Methods
Virtual Institutions

Roles/Position Responsibilities

Lecturer in Intelligent Systems.

Research investigating and developing simulation methods and cyber-physical technologies for supporting data-intensive computational research methods of complex human societies.

Research and further development of the existing Virtual Institutions Simulation Technology in the Digital Humanities Research strength in the School by enhancing its agent’s agent models with models of personality, psychological needs, motivation and cultural diversity.

Research, development and implementation in the VI Agents platform of algorithms for simulating diverse virtual societies with a high degree of behaviour and appearance variation across individual agents, which can be used for accurate simulation for integrated historical, cultural and ecological research of complex societies.

Supervision of programs of study for honours and higher degree (Masters or Doctoral) research students. This includes contributions in research programs with a view to attracting HDR students to the School of Computing, Engineering and Mathematics and MARCS Institute, with which the School is closely involved in this research.
Preparation and/or individual preparation of high quality research grant proposal submissions to both internal and external funding bodies, such as competitive grants, as well as industry and other public sector funding.

Design experiments in terms of using appropriate software, recruit participants, run experiment sessions and analyse the results of the experiments.

Contribute teaching the state-of-the-art in their research area to the University's teaching program

Qualifications and Honours

  • Doctorate in Computer Science - Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision


A full listing of publications can be found on my Google Scholar page.

Contact Tomas

Phone+61 2 9685 4744
LocationWestern Sydney University - Parramatta campus