Associate Professor Satomi Kawaguchi

Linguistics (School of Humanities and Communication Arts)Satomi Kawaguchi

Research Program: Speech and Language


Associate Professor Satomi Kawaguchi is Senior Lecturer and teaches Japanese and second language acquisition. She has published many journal articles and book chapters on Processability Theory and language learning, particularly Japanese L2. She is interested in developing theory-practice connections in language learning.

Research Interests

  • Vocabulary learning, translation ability and syntactic development in second language: A cross-sectional study in English
  • Listening to a second language: A study of listening difficulties in consecutive interpreting
  • Supervising four PhD and one Languages & Linguistics BA (Hons) students

Qualifications and Honours

  • PhD (2005). Western Sydney University. Acquisition of Japanese as a second language: A prosessability perspective
  • MA (1996). ANU. Referencial choice by native speakers and learners of Japanese.
  • M Lit (1994). ANU. Error analysis of the use of particles by Australians learning Japanese
  • (2011) Best Paper prize, Japanese Society of Language Sciences for the presentation of: Kawaguchi, S. & Di Biase, B. Acquiring procedural skills in L2: Processability theory and skill acquisition
  • (2010) The Australian Teaching & Learning Council (ALTC) Citations for Outstanding Contributions to Student learning, Official Reason Award Granted: The "3-New" approach: Using second language acquisition research, new communication technologies and pedagogy to motivate, inspire and engage students of Japanese for better learning outcomes
  • (2009) Citation for outstanding contributions for student learning, College of Arts, University of Western Sydney, Official Reason Award Granted: Technological innovation in the classroom: Enhancing learning and teaching outcomes in Japanese as a second language


  • School based member, MARCS Institute
  • Member of Research Event & Development Subcommittee, School of Humanities & Communication Arts

Contact Satomi
Phone+61 2 9772 6567
LocationWestern Sydney University Bankstown campus (Bullecourt Ave, Milperra)