Dr Karen Mulak

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Research Program: Speech and Language

Karen Mulak


I investigate two main questions that are directly relevant to successful communication in multilingual communities: how exposure to two or more languages or accents affects word learning and the perception of speech sounds, and how monolinguals perceive speech sounds and learn and recognise words in accents and languages other than their own. This is achieved through testing infant, child and adult populations using eye-tracking and other laboratory-based tasks, as well as the development of ipad-based tasks for testing in the field and wider community.

Research Interests

  • Language acquisition
  • Cross-accent speech perception
  • L2 learning


  • Ph.D., Psycholinguistics, University of Western Sydney, 2012
  • B.Sc., Neuroscience, Trinity College, Hartford, Connecticut, United States, 2006


  • Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Language Learning and Processing, ARC Centre of Excellence for the Dynamics of Language
  • Affiliate, School of Social Sciences and Psychology

Full Publications

For a full listing of my publications, please see my personal publications page. (opens in a new window)

Contact Karen

Email k.mulak@westernsydney.edu.au
Phone +61 2 9772 6021
Location Western Sydney University Bankstown campus (Bullecourt Ave, Milperra)
Room 3.G.10