Associate Professor Jorge Serrador (Director, Higher Degree Research)


Associate Professor of Biomedical Engineering

Director, Higher Degree Research


Jorge Serrador is Associate Professor of Biomedical Engineering and Director, Higher Degree Research, at MARCS, Western Sydney University, and in the Department of Pharmacology, Physiology and Neuroscience, New Jersey Medical School, Rutgers University and Adjunct Professor of Cardiovascular Electronics at the National University of Ireland Galway. A/Prof Serrador has a PhD in Cardiovascular Physiology specializing in brain blood flow regulation and is an expert in vestibular function and the vestibular and cardiovascular system's interaction. A/Prof Serrador has received over 7 million USD in funding as a CI and been a co-investigator on successful grant proposals totalling over 21 million USD. His has been funded by several agencies, including the National Institutes of Health, NASA and the Department of Defense in the United States. He has also been involved with successful grant proposals in Ireland, Portugal and Australia.

Qualifications and Honours

  • Bachelor of Science: Physiology, University of Waterloo, Canada, 1992
  • Bachelor of Arts: Psychology, University of Waterloo, Canada, 1993
  • Master of Science: Kinesiology (Exercise Physiology), University of Waterloo, Canada, 1997
  • PhD: Kinesiology (Exercise Physiology), University of Western Ontario, Canada, 2000
  • Postdoctoral fellow: Division on Aging, Harvard Medical School, Massachusetts, 2002


For a full list of A/Prof Serrador's publications, please see his google scholar.

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