Associate Professor Caroline Jones

Research Program:  Speech and Language

Director of Impact and Engagement


Associate Professor Jones is an Australian Research Council Future Fellow. She received her PhD in Linguistics in 2003 from University of Massachusetts. Her previous academic positions were teaching-research roles in Education at University of New South Wales (Lecturer, 2005-07) and University of Wollongong (Senior Lecturer, 2007-13).

In her research Caroline models variation and change in the spoken language of adults across different languages and dialects, and across generations, with a focus on pronunciation (phonetics and phonology). Caroline chiefly works on varieties of Australian English and varieties of north Australian Kriol. She is also interested in how these varieties are learned by infants and young children, in natural home contexts. Caroline has ongoing interests in the documentation and learning of Australian Aboriginal languages and programs to support children's language outcomes.

An additional interest running across Caroline's work is to develop technology to improve efficiency in language corpus (big data) research (in transcription, visualization), and to improve access and participation by community members. This work relates to her role as Deputy Leader of the Future Technologies Thread of the ARC Centre of Excellence for the Dynamics of Language (CoEDL).

Research Interests

  • Conversational Corpus of Barunga Kriol - description of variation and change in the Kriol spoken by elderly through to child speakers at Barunga NT. Funding: ARC Future Fellowship.
  • Attitudes in caregiver-infant interactions - understanding beliefs and attitudes among caregivers in remote Aboriginal communities (with postdoc Sophie Nicholls, Gillian Wigglesworth, and Jill Vaughan). Funding: ARC CoEDL.
  • Sydney Speaks - modelling variation and change in the pronunciation of English varieties spoken in Sydney, Australia (with Catherine Travis). Funding: ARC CoEDL.
  • Ngarinyman Dictionary - producing a dictionary for Ngarinyman, an endangered language of the NT (with community members, plus Eva Schultze-Berndt, Candide Simard, Felicity Meakins, Patrick McConvell, and PhD student Jessica Mathie, University of Toronto). Funding: ARC CoEDL.
  • Fine-tuning in the phonology of caregiver-infant interactions - dense, longitudinal sampling of caregiver-infant interactions in Barunga Kriol. Funding: ARC CoEDL.
  • Learning to Talk, Talking to Learn - parent views on the LiTTLe Program, an early childhood language and ear health program run by Sunrise Health Service NT. Funding: ARC Linkage Grant.

Qualifications and Honours

  • Australian Research Council Future Fellowship 2013-2017
  • PhD Linguistics - University of Massachusetts 2003
  • B.A. University of Sydney 1995


  • Director of Impact and Engagement, MARCS Institute
  • Deputy Leader, Future Technologies Thread, ARC CoEDL
  • Node Leader for Western Sydney University, ARC CoEDL
  • Administrative custodian of ARC CoEDL collection at Intersect
  • Member, Workloads Working Party, MARCS Institute
  • Member, Research Committee, MARCS Institute
  • Vice-President, Australian Linguistic Society


For a full listing of my publications, please see my Western Sydney University profile page.(opens in a new window)

Contact Caroline

Phone +61 9772 6303
Location Western Sydney University Bankstown campus (Bullecourt Ave, Milperra)
Room 3.G.19