Antonia Goetz


Research Program: Brain Sciences - Music Cognition and Action


In my PhD, I investigate infants' and children's abilities to perceive native and non-native speech sounds and I am particularly interested in how phonological categories are formed in the first year of life. To get a multifaceted view of the infant's abilities I use different behavioral (e.g., looking times) and neural (electrophysiological and functional near-infrared spectroscopy) techniques.

Research Interests

  • Lexical tone perception in infants learning a non-tone language: effects of experimental procedures in perceptual reorganisation
  • Domain-specific or domain-general mechanisms in infants' speech and face perception
  • Patterns of perceptual reorganization: decline, maintenance, and U-shape development
    Speech Perception and Phonological Awareness in Infancy


  • M.A. Speech Science, Philipps University of Marburg Germany
  • B.A. Spanish Culture and Business Studies


A listing of my publications can be found on my Google Scholar page(opens in a new window)

Home University

University of Potsdam