Yassine Frej

Research StudentYassien Frej 2

Research Program: Speech and Language

Thesis Title

Perception and Production of Arabic Word-final Segmental Length Contrast

Research Project

Yassine's research study is composed of two parts. The first part is dedicated to investigate L1 Arabic speakers' production of word-final emphatic/plain consonantal gemination in Modern Standard Arabic. By drawing acoustic and articulatory data from different production experiments, we hope to gain more understanding about the effect of two distant regional spoken dialects (Moroccan and Lebanese) on the production of MSA. We also hope to clear the controversy over the distinctiveness of word-final consonantal gemination in Arabic. The second part of the research is concerned with examining L1 Australian English speakers' ability to produce and perceive word-final consonantal duration in Arabic. To our knowledge, this is the first study to examine the effect of a secondary articulation (pharyngealization) on the learnability of word-final consonantal gemination. Thus, it could offer new insights about L2 learning in the light of PAM and SLM frameworks.


  • 2006 – 2009 BA English Linguistics, Mohammed V University, Morocco
  • 2010 – 2013 MA Applied Linguistics, Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, South Korea

Contact Yassine

Email y.frej@westernsydney.edu.au
Phone +61 2 9772 6660
Location Western Sydney University Bankstown campus (Bullecourt Ave, Milperra)
Room 5.G.56