Simone Simonetti

Research StudentSimone Simonetti

Research Program: Multisensory Communication

Thesis Title

Auditory, Visual and Auditory-visual spoken emotion recognition in young and old adults.

Research Project

I am interested in understanding how older adults (approx. 65+) recognise emotion. I want to explore why there is an age-related decline in recognition of emotion. Such an exploration will involve examining emotion recognition when younger and older adults respond to own-age and other-age faces and voices in an attempt to discern what causes this difference between younger and older adults.

I wish to determine whether younger and older adults use different cues to discriminate emotion (e.g., upper and lower portions of faces, or frequencies for voices). Further, I want to investigate any differences in brain processing of emotion (i.e., different pathways or areas activated for different emotions). Therefore, my thesis project will use behavioural and neurological (EEG) methods.

Qualifications and Honours

2013 – B. Psychology (Hons), Western Sydney University, Australia

Contact Simone
Phone+61 2 9772 6142
LocationWestern Sydney University Bankstown campus (Bullecourt Ave, Milperra)