Muneeb Ahmad

Research StudentMuneeb Ahmed 2

Research Program: Human-Machine Interaction

Thesis Title

Determining Optimal Type, Behaviour and Role of Mobile Agents in Game Based Scenarios to Facilitate Word Learning

Research Project

One of the known challenges in Human (Children) Agent Interaction (cHAI) is to study how can we enhance the level of interest and engagement by the user while interacting with the agent. Previous studies performed with agents presented in different embodiments have reported that children show highest level of engagement and interest initially (say for a few days). But gradually, the level of engagement and motivation towards working with an agent is not sustained.

My research attempts to address the afore mentioned problem by working on designing and implementing adaptive agents. These adaptive agents will be implemented to communicate naturally during cHAI in different game based scenarios to support word learning.

These adaptive agents will have several parameters as a part of their implementation. These parameters can be;

  1. addressing the user each time with his/her name;
  2. reminding  him/her  about  his/her  most  recent  performance;
  3. based  on his/her  current  or  previous  performance,  making  a  decision  that  may  increase  the interest or render the interaction to be different every time;
  4. showing or displaying emotions  during  the  game  play  according  to  the  user  performance;
  5. giving  hints to the users during game play and;
  6. uttering supportive or humorous speech during the interaction.

We hypothesize that implementing an adaptive agent will prolong or might also sustain child's interest and task's engagement during cHRI. 


  • 2010 – BS – Computer Science,  National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences, Lahore, Pakistan
  • 2013 – MS – Computer Science,  University of  Paderborn, Paderborn, Germany


For a full listing of my publications, please see my personal publications page.(opens in a new window)

Contact Muneeb

Phone +61 2 9772 6660
Location Western Sydney University Bankstown campus (Bullecourt Ave, Milperra)
Room 5.G.56