Mona Faris

Research StudentMona Faris

Research Program: Speech and Language

Thesis Title

Effects of Native Language Attunement in Early and Late Bilinguals

Research Project

Cross-language and second language speech perception has been shown to be influenced by native language attunement. One aspect of my PhD project examines how native language attunement affects non-native speech perception. Specifically, I investigate how English speakers perceptually categorise and discriminate Danish vowels. Findings from these sets of experiments will help test the predications of the Perceptual Assimilation Model.

The second aspect of my PhD project examines second language learning in adults. Proficiency in second language speech perception depends upon a number of factors including the age of second language acquisition, length of residence, and the size of the second language vocabulary, just to name a few. These series of experiments examine the way in which such factors influence second language speech perception in adults in an immersion setting. Changes in speech perception in these learners will be examined over a 1-year period.


2011 – Bachelor of Psychology (Honours), Western Sydney University


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