Martin Ho Kwan Ip

Research StudentMartin Ip

Research Program: Speech and Language

Thesis Title

Universal and Language-specific in Speech Perception: The Case of Prosody

Research Project

My research addresses whether listeners' perceptual exploitation and mental representation of prosody can be influenced by both universal and language-specific mechanisms in speech processing. I adopt a cross-language approach to examine whether and how speakers of languages with different prosodic systems (e.g., English and Chinese Mandarin) use prosody to encode information structure and mark  boundaries between words and phrases. Current works include the production and perception of prosodic focus and junctures, individual differences in prosodic processing, and  listeners' use of prosodic cues in artificial language learning paradigms.

Qualifications and Honours

  • 2012 – Bachelor of Psychological Science (Hons I with University Medal), University of Queensland
  • 2011 – Diploma in Languages (French), University of Queensland

Contact Martin
Phone+61 2 9772 6086
LocationWestern Sydney University Bankstown campus (Bullecourt Ave, Milperra)