Julie Beadle

Research Student

Research Program: Multisensory Communication

Thesis Title

Cognitive ageing and hearing under difficult circumstances

Research Project

I am interested in studying cognitive hearing in the elderly. Speech perception can often be challenging for elderly individuals, especially in situations with competing background noise. Natural auditory declines contribute significantly to this challenge. It is also important to consider how cognitive processing changes later in life, and how these changes impact speech perception. My PhD project will examine how cognitive processes such as attention and memory  are used when the elderly try to perceive speech in difficult listening circumstances, as well as how and when visual cues may aid understanding.


  • 2015 – Bachelor of Arts (Honours, 1st Class) Psychology- St. Francis Xavier University, Nova Scotia, Canada

Contact Julie

Phone+61 2 9772 6535
LocationWestern Sydney University Bankstown campus (Bullecourt Ave, Milperra)