Jenny Zeng

Master of Research StudentJenny Zeng

Research Program

Speech and Language

Thesis Title

Lexical retrieval performance and bilingualism

Research Project

I am interested in lexical retrieval performance in mother tongue as well as in a second language. Past research has shown that bilinguals and multilinguals tend to experience verbal deficit in any language of theirs as compared to their monolingual peers of this language. My research project probes into different aspects (e.g. receptive and expressive vocabulary size, verbal fluency, tip-of-the-tongue occurrence rates) of lexical retrieval performance and their relationship (if any) to cognitive abilities, in monolinguals and their bilingual peers with varied language experience, and in different age groups across the life span.


  • 2016 Master of Research (currently completing)
  • 2014 Master of Translation and interpreting
  • 2011 Bachelor of English Literature and Culture

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LocationWestern Sydney University Bankstown campus (Bullecourt Ave, Milperra)