David Karpul

Research Student

Research Program: Bioelectronics and Neuroscience (BENS)

Thesis Title

Evaluation of the use of Sub-sensory Electrical Noise Stimulation as Therapy for Patients with Peripheral Neuropathy Associated with HIV-Infection.

Research Project

David's research focuses on applying electric current to peripheral nerves to increase sensation. Past studies have shown continuous transcutaneous subthreshold electrical nerve stimulation (SENS) can improve tactile sensitivity in healthy older and younger participants. David's research investigates if these results can be reproduced with participants with reduced sensation as a result of HIV related peripheral neuropathy. Further, the research looks into the design of a wearable version of this technology for long-term use. Finally, the research seeks to model the effect on the peripheral nerves so as to better understand and optimise SENS. If successful the research will help millions of neuropathic patients to improve their functional capacity and reduce their chances of severe injury.


  • BSc Eng (Mechatronics Engineering), University of Cape Town
  • MSc Eng (Electrical Engineering), University of Cape Town

Contact David

Phone+61 2 4736 0536
LocationWestern Sydney University Penrith (Werrington South) campus