Cecile Bouvet

Research Student

Research Program:  Music Cognition and Action                                                                                  

Thesis Title

Auditory-motor entrainment: behavioral and cerebral dynamics.

Research Project

How humans interact with their environment is one of the main questions in cognitive neurosciences. One fascinating aspect of such interactions is the ability of humans to spontaneously move in synchrony with rhythms of their environment. Spontaneous movement synchronization occurs when listening to music or simply looking at other people walking or dancing for example. Although this phenomenon has received a growing interest in previous research these last years, the processes underlying spontaneous sensorimotor synchronization remain largely unclear.
The goal of my research project will be to further understand the fundamental principles underlying spontaneous auditory-motor entrainment. We will investigate the behavioural and neural processes that underpin entrainment of human movements to external or environmental auditory rhythms (such as music or the sound of other people's steps). More specifically, the project will aim at understanding how biological and/or musical features (such as the variability of the rhythms and the pitch) of external rhythms can facilitate the occurrence and stability of auditory-motor entrainment. This project would be under the joint supervision of Dr Manuel Varlet (MARCS Institute) and Professor Benoit Bardy (EuroMov), and would also involve Associate Professor Peter Keller (MARCS Institute) and Professor Simone Dalla Bella (EuroMov).


  • Bachelor degree in Cellular Biology, Animal and Vegetal Physiology with high honours
  • Master degree in Biosciences with high honours

Contact Cecile

Phone+61 2 9772 6612
LocationWestern Sydney University Bankstown campus (Bullecourt Ave, Milperra)