Research Students

Saeed's thesis title is "Neuromorphic Architectures in Vision and Memory".
Saeed Afshar
Tonya's thesis title is "Phonological and morphophonological aspects of second language learning in children with high functioning autism".
Tonya Agostini
Muneeb's thesis title is “Determining Optimal Type, Behaviour and Role of Mobile Agents in Game Based Scenarios to Facilitate Word Learning”.
Muneeb Ahmed 2
Arnab's thesis title is "A quantitative measure of visual impairments in patients with schizophrenia".
Arnab Ahmed
Julie’s thesis title is "Cognitive ageing and hearing under difficult circumstances"
Arwen is undertaking a Masters degree, investigating the relationship between acoustic an articulatory variation in vowels.
Arwen Blackwood Ximenes
Ruth's thesis title is "Depression and anxiety in the postnatal period: An examination of maternal speech, the mother-infant interaction and infant developmental outcomes"
Ruth Brookman 2
Simon's thesis title is "Dis/liking genre, artist and work in the discovery of new music: developing a model for the predictive recommendation of unfamiliar recorded music"
April's thesis title is "Nonconscious Auditory-Visual Interactions in Speech".
Leo's thesis title is "Binocular rivalry and unconscious information processing".
Leo Chong
Ian’s thesis title is "Visual and Somatic Cues in Musical Ensemble Synchronization".
Ian Colley
Felix's thesis title is "Generation of perceptible events by means of timbral transformation".
Felix Dobrowohl
Anne's thesis title is "Social influences on early language experience and infant vocabulary development."
Anne Dwyer 2
Gloria’s thesis title is "Is there an advantage in bilingual children? If so, is it for language or other domains?"
Gloria Escobar 2
Mona's thesis title is "Effects of Native Language Attunement in Early and Late Bilinguals".
Mona Faris
Sarah's thesis title is "The role of visual information on the perceptual assimilation of non-native speech".
Sarah Fenwick
Yassine's thesis title is "Perception and Production of Arabic Word-final Segmental Length Contrast".
Yassien Frej 2
Maya’s research is a hybrid between dance and cognitive psychology.
Maya Gavish
Amit's thesis title is "Describing the Rhythm of Barunga Kriol".
Amit German
Gareth's thesis title is "The cognition of tonality in microtonal scales"
Steffen's thesis title is: "The odds and ends of interference in memory for melody"
Steffen Herff
Martin’s thesis title is " Universal and Language-specific in Speech Perception: The Case of Prosody".
Martin Ip
Patrick's thesis title is "Frictional Encoding in Tactile Afferents".
Patrick Kasi
David's thesis is titled "Evaluation of the use of Sub-sensory Electrical Noise Stimulation as Therapy for Patients with Peripheral Neuropathy Associated with HIV-Infection".
David Karpul
Saya's thesis title is "Foreign-accented speech production and perception: Examination of the role of native speech rhythm in non-native speech production."
Saya Kawase
Yvonne's thesis title is "Adaptation to Novel Music Systems: Perceptual Learning of Musical Pitch and Timbre".
Yvonne Leung
Irena's thesis title is "Early Language Development In Infants With And Without Hearing Impairment".
Tomas' thesis title is "How musical rhythms entrain the human brain: Clarifying the neural mechanisms of sensory-motor entrainment to rhythms.
Peta's thesis Title “Underlying Social, Cognitive and Neural Mechanisms of Joint Action”.
Peta Mills
Hossein's thesis title is "Biomedical Data Analysis".
Hossein Moeinzadeh
Nhung's thesis title is "Perceptual adaptation to Vietnamese-accented English".
Nhung Nguyen
Joey's thesis title is "Music, Language & Implicit Learning".
Jia Hoong (Joey) Ong
Anita’s thesis title is "Errors in joint musical action".
Anita Paas
Valeria's thesis title is "Perception of English morphophonology by adult native speakers of Mandarin and Cantonese".
Valeria Peretokina
Sonya's thesis title is "A Longitudinal Study of the Effects of Talker Familiarity on Speech Intelligibility by Native and Non-native Australian English Listeners".
Sonya Prasad
Tanya's thesis title is "Acquired Automatic Affective Responses and the Contribution of Associative and Cognitive Processes to their Acquisition and Time Course".
Tanya Pritchard
Mark’s thesis title is "An investigation into the role of song in facilitating the acquisition of complex morphology in an Australian Aboriginal language".
Mark Richards 2
Alba's thesis title is "Astrocytic modulation of neuronal networks".
Alba Bellot Saez
Stacey's thesis title is "Social knowledge in the production and perception of linguistic variation"
Stacey Sherwood
Elham's thesis title is "Hemodynamic Monitor for Rapid, Cost-effective Assessment of Peripheral Vascular Function – Translation to Clinical Practice".
Elham Shabani Varaki
Simone’s thesis title is "Auditory, Visual and Auditory-visual spoken emotion recognition in young and old adults".
Simone Simonetti
Ram's thesis title is "Computational Approaches to Musical Auditory Processing".
Research Student
The title of Jesse's thesis is Visualising Speech and Language of Children and Caregivers.
Tina’s thesis title is “Early word recognition and perceptual adaptation across regional English accents by Arabic-L1 children in Australia” .
Tina White 2
James is a Research Student and a Technical Officer in our Biomedical Engineering and Neuroscience (BENS) program. His thesis title is "Interfaces with the Somatosensory System".
James Wright 2
Sarah's thesis title is "The effects of code-switching on executive functioning in early and late bilinguals".
Sarah Wright 2
Thesis title "A Neuromorphic Auditory Signal Recognition and Localization System".
Ying Xu
Jia’s thesis title is "Articulatory, Acoustic and Perceptual Characteristics of Laterals in Lebanese Accented English".
Jia Ying
Jenny's thesis title is "Lexical retrieval performance and bilingualism".