2021 Graduates

PhD Graduate Thesis TitlePosition
Dr Simon Chambers Distances in the Field: Mapping Similarity and Familiarity in the Production, Curation and Consumption of Australian Art Music To be advised
Dr Tanya Pritchard The Role of Relationship in Evaluative Conditioning as a Means of Testing the Existence of an Associative and a Propositional Mechanism To be advised
Dr Jesse Tran Design Principles for Managing Cognitive Overload in Interactive Analysis of Corpus Data with Visualisation To be advised
Dr Ruth Brookman Depression and Anxiety in the Postnatal Period: An Examination of Mother-Infant Interactions and Infants' Language Development Research Support Program Fellow - Healthy Ageing: Caregiving and Mental Health, MARCS Institute for Brain, Behaviour and Development, Western Sydney University

2020 Graduates

PhD Graduate Thesis TitlePosition
Dr Simonetti Simone Emotion in Faces and Voices: Recognition and Production by Young and Older Adults Project Officer, School of Nursing and Midwifery, UTS, Sydney, Australia
Dr Jia Ying Evidence for Active Control of Tongue Lateralisation in Australian English /1/ and its Acoustic Consequences To be advised
Dr David Karpul On the Application and Generation of Subsensory Electrical Nerve Stimulation for the Improvement of Vibration Perception in Patients with HIV-Related Peripheral Sensory Neuropathy To be advised
Dr Ian Colley Visual Cues in Musical Synchronisation Customer Analyst at the Sydney Symphony Orchestra
Dr Saeed Afshar Neuromorphic Architectures in Vision and Memory Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Neuromorphic Systems, International Centre for Neuromorphic Systems, Western Sydney University
Dr Felix Dobrowohl Where Does Music Stop and Noise Start? Noise, Microtonality and Algorithmic Systems as Reinvention of Tonality as a Spectral Noise Aesthetic in Three Studio Albums
Laboratory Manager, University of Potsdam, Germany
Dr Julie Beadle Contributions of Visual Speech, Visual Distractors, and Cognition to Speech Perception in Noise for Younger and Older Adults

Postdoctoral Researcher, Audiology Department, University of British Columbia

Dr Mark Richards An investigation into the role of song in facilitating the acquisition of complex morphology in an Australian Aboriginal language. Research Support Program Fellow – Language Revitalisation, MARCS Institute for Brain, Behaviour and Development, Western Sydney University
Dr Irena Lovcevic The Role of Infant-Directed Speech in Language Development of Infants with Hearing Loss Posdoctoral Researcher  at the International Research Center for Neurointelligence (IRCN) BabyLab, University of Tokyo
Dr Cécile Bouvet Auditory-Motor Entrainment: Behavioural and Cerebral Dynamics Master degree in Biosciences, Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon
Dr Stacey Sherwood

Social knowledge in the production and perception of linguistic variation

To be advised
Dr April Ching The Role of Conscious and Nonconscious Processes in Multimodal Representation Formation To be advised

2019 Graduates

PhD Graduate Thesis TitlePosition
Dr Muneeb Ahmed Determining Optimal Type, Behaviour and Role of Mobile Agents in Game Based Scenarios to Facilitate Word Learning To be advised
Dr Maya Gavish The Pragmatic Nature of Creativity: Exploring the Choreographic Process and the Structuring Stage Head of Department - Dance, Academy of Music and Performing Arts
Dr Martin Lp  Universal and Language-Specific Processing: The Case of Prosody Postdoctoral Fellow, UPenn (MindCORE - ILST Iniative)
Dr Leo Seng  Investigating Spoken Emotion: The Interplay of Language and Facial Expression Senior Data Scientist, RHB Banking Group, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Dr  Elham Shabanivaraki Hemodynamic Monitor for Rapid, Cost-Effective Assessment of Peripheral Vascular Function PhD Biomedical Engineering, Western Sydney University
Dr Ying Xu

A Digital Neuromorphic Auditory Pathway

Postdoctoral Research Fellow, International Centre for Neuromorphic Systems, Western Sydney University

Masters Graduate Thesis TitlePosition
Amit German A Description of the Rhythm of Barunga Kriol using Rhythm Metrics and an Analysis of Vowel Reduction Research Scientist in Aboriginal Child Hearing Health , NAL

2018 Graduates

PhD Graduate Thesis TitlePosition
Dr Arnab Ahmed A Quantitative Measure of Visual Processing Changes in Patients with Schizophrenia. To be advised
Dr Patrick Kasi Bayesian Decoding of Tactile Afferents Responsible for Sensorimotor Control. Research and Development Engineer at Abbot
Dr Mona Faris Perceptual Assimilation, Discrimination and Acquisition of Non-native and Second-language Vowels Assimilated as Uncategorised.

Research Officer, University of Sydney

Dr Nhung Nguyen The Role of Intergroup Attitudes in Speech Perception To be advised
Dr Valeria Peretokina Second language perception of coda morphophonology in spoken English by Mandarin Chinese learners

Lecturer in Linguistics, School of Languages and Cultures, University of Queensland. Also a Tester in the Vocational Education Space for candidate specific tests and Instructional Designer to create STEM  Virtual work for High school Students in Australia.

Masters Graduate Thesis TitlePosition
Gloria Pino Escobar Do bilingual and monolingual children differ? Measuring and comparing attentional control skills in the verbal and non-verbal domains Master of Science and PhD Candidate at MARCS Institute for Brain, Behaviour & Development
Samra Alispahic The Relationship Between Speech Perception and Word Learning at the Initial State of Second Language Acquisition Researcher at Western Sydney University

2017 Graduates

PhD Graduate Thesis TitlePosition
Dr Anne Dwyer Early Language Experience and Later Vocabulary among Australian Infants from Diverse Socioeconomic Backgrounds

Principal Researcher at Uniting’s Research & Social Policy Team .

Dr Saya Kawase Examination of the role of native speech rhythm in non-native speech production and its perception Assistant Professor, Center for the English Language Education in Science and Engineering (CELESE), Waseda University
Dr Yvonne Leung From novel to familiar: The learning of pitch intervals and event frequencies in microtonal music systems Assistant prof & director of research, U of Nottingham (Malaysia Campus)
Dr Steffen Herff The odds and ends of interference in memory for melody  Research Scientist at EPFL (École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne) in Lausanne, Switzerland    

2016 Graduates

PhD Graduate Thesis TitlePosition
Dr Gregory Cohen Event-Based Feature Detection, Recognition and Classification Associate Professor, International Centre for Neuromorphic Systems, Western Sydney University
Dr Laurence Bruggeman Nativeness, Dominance and the Flexibility of Listening to Spoken Language Postdoctoral Research Fellow, MARCS Institute for Brain, Behaviour and Development, Western Sydney University
Dr Jaydene Elvin How the Native Language Shapes Individual Differences in Non-native Perception and Spoken Word Recognition: English vs Spanish Learners of Portuguese

Assistant Professor and TESOL/SLAT Coordinator in the Department of Linguistics at California State University, Fresno

Dr Jia Hoong (Joey) Ong Distributional Learning of Lexical Tone and Musical Pitch by Naive and Experienced Adult Learners Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Reading
Dr Chetan Singh Thakur Stochastic Electronics for Neuromorphic Systems Assistant Professor, Indian Institute of Science (IISc)
Masters Graduate Thesis TitlePosition
Saeed Afshar Investigation of Synapto-dendritic Kernel Neuron Models and their use in Spiking Neuromorphic Architectures Postdoctoral Research Fellow, International Centre for Neuromorphic Systems, Western Sydney University

2015 Graduates

PhD Graduate Thesis TitlePosition
Dr Janise Farrell Training L2 Speech Segmentation with Word-Spotting

Learning Advisor, Academic Language and Learning (ALL) Unit, UNSW Canberra

Dr Richard Salmon Avatars, Agency and Performance: The Fusion of Science and Technology in the Arts Academic Co-ordinator, SAE Institute Sydney
Dr Michael Fitzpatrick Auditory and Auditory-Visual Speech Perception and Production in Noise in Younger and Older Adults Clinical Master of Science student, University of Sydney
Dr Tim Paris Audiovisual Prediction using Brain and Behaviour Measures Founder, Bold Voyage Data Science        

2014 Graduates

PhD Graduate Thesis TitlePosition
Dr Alison Creighton Play Songs and Lullabies: Features of Emotional Communication and Developing Mother-Infant Attachment Clinical Specialist, Sing & Grow Australia
Dr Josephine Terry Implicit Learning of Complex Auditory Temporal Structures with Even and Uneven Meters To be advised
Dr Staci Vicary Visual Memory for Human-Action Form and Motion-Based Processing in Action Recognition Lecturer, School of Psychological Science, ACAP (Australian College of Applied Psychology)

2013 Graduates

PhD Graduate Thesis TitlePosition
Dr Ming-Wen Kuo Frequency Importance Functions for Words and Sentences in Mandarin Chinese: Implications for Hearing Aid Prescriptions in Tonal Languages Audiologist, Dayton, Ohio

Dr Jacques Launay

The Attribution of Agency to Sound Influences Associated Motor Activity, Synchronisation and Affiliation Postdoctoral Researcher in Experimental Psychology, University of Oxford
Dr Benjamin Schultz An Investigation of the Implicit Learning of Metrical and Non-Metrical Temporal Patterns To be advised
Dr Laura Bishop The Use of Musical Imagery and Auditory Feedback During Expressive Music Performance: Exploring the Effects of Expertise Postdoctoral Research Fellow, University of Oslo, Norway
Dr Ming-Wen Kuo Frequency Importance Functions for Words and Sentences in Mandarin Chinese: Implications for Hearing Aid Prescriptions in Tonal Languages Audiologist, Dayton, Ohio
Dr Runchun (Mark) Wang Neuromorphic Implementations of Polychronus Spiking Neural Networks Postdoctoral Research Fellow, International  Centre for Neuromorphic Systems, Western Sydney University        
Masters Graduate Thesis TitlePosition
Ram Singh A Real-Time Implementation of the Primary Auditory Neuron Activities Current PhD Student

2012 Graduates

PhD Graduate Thesis TitlePosition
Dr Rachel Bennetts The Role of Familiarity and Movement in Face Recognition Senior lecturer in Psychology, Department of Life Sciences, Brunel University, London, UK
Dr Erin Cvejic It's not Just what you say, but also how you say it: Exploring the Auditory and Visual Properties of Speech Prosody

Senior Lecturer in Biostatistics, Sydney School of Public Health, Applied Biostatistician, Sydney Health Literacy Laboratory

Dr Karen Mulak The development of phonologically specified word forms Postdoctoral Associate, University of Maryland

2011 Graduates

PhD Graduate Thesis TitlePosition
Dr Bronson Harry Attention and Recognition: The Role of Overt and Covert Attention in Explicit and Subliminal Face Processing Data Scientist at the Cancer Institute - New South Wales Health .
Dr Benjawan Kasisopa Reading without Spaces between Words: Eye Movements in Reading Thai

To be advised

Dr Natalie Morrison Attentional Resourcing: The Role of Cognitive Complexity and Cognitive Load Senior Lecturer, Mental Health
Dr Kirk Olsen Perceptual Bias and Loudness Change: An Investigation of Memory, Masking and Psychophysiology Postdoctoral Researcher, Lecturer, Research Manager and Web Developer at Macquarie University
Dr Nathan Perry A Reduced Processing Approach to Decision Support for Improving the Decisions of Less-Experienced Incident Commanders Manager - Advanced Learning & Simulation at Boeing Research & Technology
Dr Damien Smith Lexical Tone and Perceptual Training: Implications for Children with Cochlear Implants Internal Medicine Residency, Washington Hospital Centre, Washington DC

2010 Graduates

PhD Graduate Thesis TitlePosition
Dr Mark Antoniou One Head, Two Languages: Speech Production and Perception in Greek-English Bilinguals

Associate Professor and Deputy Director MARCS Institute for Brain, Behaviour and Development, Western Sydney University

Dr Elizabeth Beach The Effect of Spectral Tilt on Infants' Speech Perception: Implications for Infants with Hearing Loss Head of Behavioural Sciences Department, National Acoustic Laboratories
Dr Shaun Halovic Perceiving Emotions through the Kinematics of Gait and the Influence of Adaptation Aftereffects Clinical Lecturer, Discipline of Psychiatry, The University of Sydney
Dr Jemma Harris Testing a Mechanism for the Assessment of Operators' Cognitive Skills in Advanced Technology Environments

Lecturer, Australian College of Applied Psychology (ACAP)

Dr Christa Lam-Cassettari Similarities and differences in interactions with hearing and hearing-impaired infants: Implications for infant-directed speech, affective responsiveness and vocabulary development Senior Research Associate and Clinical Trial Coordinator at UNSW in the Academic Unit of Child Psychiatry South West Sydney, School of Psychiatry, School of Medicine; Ingham Institute affiliate; Adjunct Research Fellow WSU, The MARCS Institute for Brain, Behaviour and Development
Dr Ben Morrison Profiling the Profiler: Exploring the Role of Cues in the Development of Expertise within the Domain of Offender Profiling Course Co-ordinator, Graduate Diploma of Psychological Science, ACAP
Dr Khazriyati Salehuddin The Acquisition of Numeral Classifiers by Malay Children Associate Professor, and currently the Head of English Language Studies Programme at Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (The National University of Malaysia)

2009 Graduates

PhD Graduate Thesis TitlePosition
Dr Rikke Bundgaard-Nielsen The Role of L2 Vocabulary Expansion in the Perception and Production of Australian English Vowels by Adult Native Speakers of Japanese

Adjunct Fellow, The MARCS Institute for Brain, Behaviour and Development, Western Sydney University

Dr Tim Byron Music Processing Of Pitch And Temporal Information In Relational Memory For Melodies To be advised
Dr Lidija Krebs-Lazendic Early Vs. Late Serbian-English Bilinguals' Responses To Australian English Vowels Lecturer, School of Psychology, UNSW
Dr Mark Milic Psychosemiotics: Communication As Psychological Action Consultant Psychologist, Psychways Pty Ltd
Dr Robert Sazdov Compositional Approaches In Multi-Channel Electroacoustic Music Based On Ecologically Valid Perceptual Experiments Head of Discipline, Music and Sound Design
Dr Nan Xu Tones And Vowels In Cantonese Infant Directed Speech - Hyperarticulation During The First 12 Months Of Infancy

Research Fellow, Department of Linguistics, Macquarie University

Masters Graduate Thesis TitlePosition
Sonia Wilkie Auditory Manipulation Of Visual Perceptions London – To be advised

2008 Graduates

PhD Graduate Thesis TitlePosition
Dr Arman Abrahamyan Attentional Capture Of Emotional Static And Dynamic Hand Gestures And Faces: The Effect Of Valence In A Novel Stroopbased Paradigm Staff Data Scientist, Commonwealth Bank’s Artificial Intelligence Laboratory
Dr Mary Broughton Music, Movement And Marimba: Solo Marimbists' Bodily Gesture In The Perception And Production Of Expressive Performance Director of Research, Psychology of Music Program Convener, University of Queensland
Dr Dogu Erdener Development Of Auditory -Visual Speech Perception In Young Children Lecturer, Psychology Program, Middle East Technical University, North Cyprus
Dr Iris-Corinna Schwarz Speech Perception, Phonological Sensitivity, And Articulation In Early Vocabulary Development Assistant Professor, Department of Linguistics, Stockholm University
Dr Nicole Lees Vocalisations With A Better View: Hyperarticulation Augments The Auditory-Visual Advantage For The Detection Of Speech In Noise Grant Project Manager, Faculty of Business and Economics, Macquarie University
Dr Barbara Schwanhäußer Lexical Tone Perception And Production: The Role Of Language And Musical Background

Online business dealing in child apparel, educational toys etc. and clinical manager at a children's hospital in Basel, Germany

Dr Bettina Stevanovic The Effect Of Learning On Pitch And Speech Perception: Influencing Perception Of Shepard Tones And McGurk Syllables Using Classical And Operant Conditioning Principles. Lecturer-Educational Psychology, School of Education, Western Sydney University
Dr Wendy Vlismas The Effects Of Music And Movement On Mother-Infant Interactions Infant Music and Movement Consultant, Brisbane

2007 Graduates

PhD Graduate Thesis TitlePosition
Dr Sean Coward Choking Under Pressure: The Effects Of Auditory Subliminal Psychodynamic Activation On Male Competitive Performance Manager, Research Performance, University of Newcastle
Dr Renee Glass The Audience Response Tool (Art): The Impact Of Choreographic Intention, Information, And Dance Expertise On Psychological Reactions To Contemporary Dance

Senior Manager - CX and Services Design at NBN Australia

Masters Graduate Thesis TitlePosition
Jessica Hartcher-O'Brien Approaching The Underlying Mechanisms Of The Auditory Precedence Effect Using Masking Techniques Doctoral student, Department of Experimental Psychology, University of Oxford

2006 Graduates

PhD Graduate Thesis TitlePosition
Dr David Brennan Perceived Ratio Relationship Between The Frequencies Of Tones And Infratones: An Experimental Investigation Of Great Base Theory Full time Carer
Dr Brett Molesworth Experiential Training And Risk Management Behaviour Amongst Pilots

Lecturer, Department of Aviation, University of New South Wales

2005 Graduates

PhD Graduate Thesis TitlePosition
Dr Karen Mattock Perceptual Reorganisation For Tone: Linguistic Tone And Nonlinguistic Pitch Perception By English Language And Chinese Language Infants Senior Lecturer in Lifespan Development, School of Psychology, Western Sydney University

2003 Graduates

PhD Graduate Thesis TitlePosition
Dr Michael Tyler Orthography, Phoneme Awareness And The Measurement Of Vocal Response Times Associate Professor in Psychological Science, School of Psychology, Western Sydney University
Masters Graduate Thesis TitlePosition
Sue Rossiter Tinnitus and Cognition Senior Child Development Officer, Blacktown City Council
Dogu Erdener The Role Of Visual Face Information And Orthography In L2 Acquisition Lecturer, Psychology Program, Middle East Technical University, North Cyprus