Professor Ronan Reilly

Adjunct Researcher

Research Program: Speech and Language


Ronan Reilly is currently a Professor of Computer Science at National University of Ireland, Maynooth.(opens in a new window) He has a background in psychology and computer science. His research career has involved the application of computer modelling to various aspects of language understanding and reading.

Most of his work has focussed on understanding the reading process starting at the level of eye movement control. A particular concern of his research has been to develop models that can account for the eye movement behaviour of readers across a range of writing systems, from the Roman-based script of English to Thai and Chinese.

Research Interests

  • Measuring the neuronal correlates of reading with novel spread-spectrum protocols
  • A study of skilled braille reading

Qualifications and Honours

  • BSc in Psychology and Computer Science, University College Dublin
  • PhD in Psychology, University College Dublin


For a full listing of my publications please see my personal publications page.(opens in a new window)