Professor Barbara Tillmann

Adjunct Researcher

Research Program: Music Cognition and Action


After a PhD in cognitive psychology (1999, Dijon) and postdoctoral research in cognitive neuroscience (Dartmouth College), Barbara Tillmann started a CNRS research position in Lyon in 2001. Her research is in the domain of auditory cognition and uses behavioural, neurophysiological and computational methods. More specifically, she is investigating how the brain acquires knowledge about complex sound structures, such as music and language, and how this knowledge shapes perception. She is leader of the team Auditory Cognition and Psychoacoustics in the Lyon Neuroscience Research Center (CNRS, INSERM, University Lyon 1). The team's research aims to understand cognitive and neural mechanisms that underlie how humans perceive, learn, memorize and use complex sound structures (e.g., to expect and anticipate future events).

Research Interests

Auditory cognition

Music perception

Implicit learning


Congenital amusia

Language processing

Qualifications and Honours

1999: Ph.D., cognitive psychology, University of Burgundy, Dijon, France

2005: Habilitation, neurosciences, Université Claude Bernard Lyon1, France

2004: Bronze medal of the CNRS, France

2016:  Silver medal of the CNRS, France


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