Dr Sarah McIntyre

Sarah McIntyre

Research Program: Biomedical Engineering and Neuroscience (BENS)


Dr Sarah McIntyre is a postdoctoral researcher in sensory neuroscience. She received her PhD on perceptual processing of tactile motion from the University of Sydney in 2014.

Following her PhD, Sarah worked at Neuroscience Research Australia investigating information encoding by temporal structure of tactile afferent spike trains evoked by complex vibrotactile stimuli. Sarah's research focuses on human perception of touch and vibration, and the neurophysiological systems that produce sensation.

Sarah primarily uses psychophysical techniques to measure perceptual thresholds and sensory discrimination. She is currently investigating the use of subsensory electrical stimulation to improve sensation in the presence of neuropathy.

Research Interests

  • Somatosensation and body senses: touch, pain, thermal sensation and proprioception
  • Perception of vibrotactile frequency and information encoded in primary afferent responses
  • Perception of motion across the skin
  • Sensory adaptation and information encoding in sensory systems

Qualifications and Honours

  • Honorable mention, Eurohaptics, Versailles, France, 2014
  • PhD, University of Sydney, 2014