Associate Professor Alwin Chuan

Program: Biomedical and Human Technologies


Adjunct Associate Professor Alwin Chuan, MBBS, PhD, FANZCA, is a clinician-researcher based in the Department of Anaesthesia, Liverpool Hospital, Sydney. Alwin has multiple clinical research interests, including regional anaesthesia (the application of local anaesthesia medications to nerve to provide pain relief and conditions suitable for surgery), medical education, and major outcomes after surgery.

He has been a pioneer in the use of novel technologies in clinical practice. These have included point-of-care ultrasound for critical care physicians, formulating and integrating guidelines for clinical efficacy in anaesthesia, emergency medicine, and intensive care; the use of near-infrared spectroscopy to investigate regional cerebral saturation and cerebrovascular autoregulation indices during surgery; and most recently the role of virtual reality in pain medicine and postgraduate medical education.

Alwin is the director of the perioperative ultrasound provisional fellowship program at Liverpool Hospital, serves as the research liaison for the education interest group in the American Society of Regional Anesthesia, on the executive of the Regional Anaesthesia Special Interest Group of the College of Anaesthetists and Australian Society of Anaesthetists, and foundation member of the international collaborative clinical trials group in regional anaesthesia.

Research Interests

  • Training and assessment of ultrasound-guided skills in postgraduate medical education
  • Clinical research on efficacy and safety of regional anaesthesia techniques for surgical anaesthesia and postoperative analgesia
  • Role of psychometric ability and uptake of complex critical care medicine procedural skills by novices
  • Virtual reality applications in pain medicine and medical education

Qualifications and Honours

  • PhD, Macquarie University, 2017
  • Jackson Rees Research Prize, Australian Society of Anaesthetists, 2017
  • NHMRC Postgraduate Fellowship, 2013-2016 PGCertCU, University of Melbourne, 2012
  • FANZCA, Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists, 2007
  • MBBS, University of Sydney, 1998


A listing of my publications can be found on my Google Scholar page