Recent Creative Art Work Publications

Some members of the Music Cognition and Action group publish creative art works and software internationally. Here we list some outputs, and at the bottom of the page we provide links to more detailed sources on the work of the individual members.

The Music Cognition and Action group also collaborates with the Writing and Society Research Centre (opens in a new window) at Western Sydney University to run the creative art works journal soundsRite (opens in a new window). This is a journal focusing on intermedia works online which feature sound and/or text in conjunction with other rich media components.

There is also a developing focus on multi-channel sound works. The journal was founded and is co-edited by Hazel Smith (Writing and Society) and Roger Dean.



Andrew Milne has recently released a new version of Hex, a microtonal MIDI sequencer, for download.

Hex has recently been updated to operate in multi-track mode. It comes with bundles of useful tuning presets, different note layouts, and well-formed (MOS) scales. It is freeware and runs on Windows and OS X.

Milne MIDI sequencer 

  1. The hexagonal lattice represents the available notes, similar to a piano roll.
  2. Drag the tuning slider to transform the lattice and change the tuning.
  3. Click the tuning value, which displays the precise tuning in cents, to enter any exact value.
  4. Double-click in the envelope to insert a new node for automating changes to the tuning (lattice shear) and other parameters.
  5. The sequencer displays the notes of a sequence. Click inside a note lane and drag to the right to create a new note. Click and drag on top of a note to adjust its velocity, or on the right of a note to adjust its length.

The new version of Hex is available for download (opens in a new window).

Creative Works

Andrew Milne and Roger Dean both contributed short sound works (along with many other composers) to the 2014 installation art work, Coalface 2014 (opens in a new window), by Alison Clouston and Boyd.

This work is an eco-activist piece concerned with the preservation of environments for our bird fauna in the face of onslaughts from mining interests. It is currently on a three year national tour, which started in Queensland, and comes to Sydney in 2016.

Roger Dean participated in the collaborative installation and on-line work Long Time, No See, lead by Keith Armstrong. This is displayed (2014) at the Cube, in Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, and continuing on-line.

Dean's most recent substantial recording is MultiPiano, a double CD of interactive music for piano and electronics (on Tall Poppies). He also plays piano/electronics on the double CD Luminosity, final works of late British jazz composer Graham Collier, recorded London 2013.

Steffen Herff, who came from Germany to commence his PhD in the MCA group in March 2014, plays electric bass on Funkomas (opens in a new window), a funk rock album released in Germany just before he left.

For more information about the creative works of our members, visit the Australysis (opens in a new window) and Dynamic Tonality (opens in a new window) websites.