Research Spotlight: High-resolution electronic stethoscope

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High-resolution electronic stethoscope: a low cost stethoscope for mobile devices.


Dr Gaetano Gargiulo is a research lecturer and Dr Paul Breen is a senior research lecturer in the Biomedical Engineering and Neuroscience (BENS) research program.


Electronic stethoscopes are devices that allow practitioners working in a loud environment/open field or with hearing impairment, to get an accurate acoustic reading of bodily sounds. However, electronic stethoscopes are expensive.

Dr Gargiulo and Dr Breen are responding to this issue by developing a low power, universal, high-resolution electronic stethoscope that costs no more than $10. Importantly, their design will allow this stethoscope to be used in combination to a computer or mobile device to record and send the data to a remote hospital/practitioner.

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