July 13-16 | Visit MARCS at The Way Out West Festival

The MARCS Institute has once again partnered with the Casula Powerhouse Museum's Way Out West Festival for children, providing fun workshops and games based on research and equipment from the institute. MARCS will be represented by volunteers from the Human-Machine Interaction and Speech and Language research programs who are running the four art workshops across the three days.

The WOW festival is a free event and is suitable for children aged between 1 and 12 years. Free bookings are required for the Rosita Stone workshop, however you are free to visit the virtual dreaming and Nao robot games without a booking. To book Rosita Stone or for more information on our games, please follow the links below.

Rosita Stone

Rosita Stone

922, Cairo Egypt.

Your expedition group led by Rosita Stone has made the ultimate discovery. They have found the lost tomb of boy-King Tutankhamen! Celebrations are held within the tomb, until one of you hears a distant rumbling... The tomb is about to collapse and you'll need to get out of there fast!

Join us as Western Sydney University experts in OzClo teach you the art of linguistic code cracking! To book please follow the link, http://bit.ly/RositaStone (opens in a new window)

Uni-Bots: The Shell Game

The Shell Game

Is your eye sight better than a robot?

Researchers at the School of Computing, Engineering and Mathematics and The MARCS Institute have developed a fun game in which you have to track fast moving objects with an Alderbaran Nao humanoid robot as a partner.

However, sometimes you and the robot will disagree - so who is right and who is wrong? http://bit.ly/NaoShellGame (opens in a new window)

Virtual Dreaming

Virtual Dreaming

Created in consultation with Western Sydney Aboriginal Elders and using state of the art virtual reality technology "Occulus Rift", Virtual Dreaming takes the viewer on a journey through the Parramatta region prior to white settlement.

The guided virtual reality tour portrays the life of an Aboriginal clan of the Darug tribe and teaches children about various aspect of every day chores and rituals. http://bit.ly/VirtualDreaming (opens in a new window)

Uni-Bots: Snakes and Ladders

Snakes and Ladders

Come along and play a game of Snakes and Ladders with NAO the humanoid robot.

The rules of snakes and ladders have changed since you played it last, Nao the Robot will be using it to showcase his language and your memory skills!

Researchers at the School of Computing, Engineering and Mathematics and The Marcs Institute use the Aldebaran humanoid robot to decipher the way language and communication affect memory.

Come along and hang out with Nao and see how good your memory is! http://bit.ly/NaoSnakesLadders (opens in a new window)

For further information on the Way out West Festival events and the MARCS games, please visit the WOW website, http://www.wayoutwestfestival.com.au (opens in a new window)