Research Forum on Ageing - April 15

Research Forum on Ageing


In 2015, a group of university researchers from many different disciplines who study on ageing, formed a loose consortium (WSU ageing consortium). To follow this up, the Multisensory Communication (MSC) group of the The MARCS Institute for Brain, Behaviour and Development are organising a research forum in April, 2016 for researchers who work in the ageing area.

The aim of the forum 

The aim is to bring researchers together in an accessible forum to learn about research in ageing that is being conducted at the University. An important outcome of this forum will be the establishment of a cross-disciplinary university research network to share knowledge and outcomes, promote the ageing research area and facilitate potential collaborations.

This forum will also provide an opportunity to showcase the university's research in ageing and engage/interact with representatives from the community (local council members, representatives of elderly social clubs, etc).

Participants & presentation format: 

Participants will be researchers who have a research interest in aging. The presentation format will be a series of short (10-15 minute) oral presentations and potentially posters (including a short oral introduction) and a final panel discussion. The forum could be a half or full day event depending on the number of participants.

Timeline & Place: 

The meeting will be held on 15th April, Friday from 8.30 am to 5.30 pm in room LT4, 23.G.30, Bankstown Campus. View the program below.

Organising Personnel: 

The MARCS MSC group -- A/Prof Jeesun Kim, Prof Chris Davis, Dr Yatin Mahajan, Dr Mandy Visser, Dr Gregory Zelic, Dr Vincent Aubanel and PhD students: Ms Simone Simonetti, Sonya Prasad, Susan Benz, Julianne Beadle, Saya Kawase, Leo Chong and April Ching.


Associate Professor Jeesun Kim on behalf of the organisers