Participants Wanted: A music listening task with melodies

The MARCS Institute invites participation in a research project on the perception of melodies and musical tones. 

In this project, we are looking for people who are NOT musically trained, which means you are expected to have none or less than five (5) consecutive years of musical training (excluding years of music lessons in school). You are also expected to have normal hearing.  

Participants will be asked to complete two sessions of the experiment. The first session will take about 40 minutes and the second session, which takes place one week after the first session, will take about 30 minutes. In both sessions, participants will be instructed to perform a few listening tasks that involve pressing certain keys on a computer keyboard after listening to some melodies or musical tones through a pair of headphones.  

Participants will also be asked to complete a questionnaire about their demographic information and musical experience. This experiment will be held at our Bankstown labs, at Western Sydney University. There are free shuttle buses that run between Revesby station and the campus.

For participants who arrive by car, we can arrange a free parking permit to park on campus. All participants will be reimbursed with $40 for time and travel expenses at the completion of the second session.

For enquiries or to register your interest, please contact MARCS PhD student Yvonne Leung on (02) 9772 6107, or