Westmead Campus presents extraordinary opportunity

Westmead Campus

Exemplifying international best-practice, the Innovation Quarter will bring Western Sydney University together with community, healthcare, industry and government  partners. This integrated, collaboratively-driven approach will help deliver outstanding health, economic and social outcomes. Together with our precinct partners, we  will seek to reinvent traditional practices and make the latest innovations, technologies and treatments available to Western Sydney sooner.

The University will base three of its renowned research institutes in the Innovation Quarter: the MARCS Institute for Brain, Behaviour and Development, the NICM Health Research Institute and the Translational Health Research Institute (THRI). These institutes already work in close partnership with organisations spanning the health sector to conduct outstanding and impactful research and development; a presence at Westmead will further amplify the opportunities of partnership and the outcomes that joint research, innovation and training provide.

The Innovation Quarter reflects the priority we give to collaboration across our teaching, research, innovation and commercial activities at Western Sydney University and is a model which we will replicate at health precincts across Western Sydney. We invite partners who share our vision for effective, efficient and equitable healthcare to partner with us in this exciting new development.

For more information, please consult the Westmead Research Brochure (opens in a new window).