What do Nelson Mandela and the Black Panther King of Wakanda have in common?
Imagine life without a voice. Around 300,000 people world-wide have had their larynx surgically removed as a result of cancer treatment, and the number is increasing by 10,000 every year.
Australia Day; it’s snags on the barbie, mozzies, long necks, Akubra hats and that all Aussie sun blazing through our SPF 50+. But what is it that makes good ol’ Straya so unique? Well, it’s the accent of course.
Aussie English
Women are less likely to trust robots who stare at them.Research by Dr Chris Stanton, a roboticist at the MARCS Institute for Brain, Behaviour and Development, (Western Sydney University) investigated if the same physical elements that made humans trust one another could be applied to robotics.
New research has found that Australian babies fare better than babies of other English speaking countries at word learning.
Aussie babies
New research findings discovered that Choirboys can actually use their voices to sexually compete to win favour with the opposite sex.
One in seven Aussie mums (16 per cent) will experience the debilitating symptoms of peri-natal and post-natal depression.
We all know what it’s like to forget something. A loved one’s birthday. A childhood memory. Even people capable of extraordinary memory feats – say, memorising the order of a deck of cards in less than 20 seconds – will still forget where they left their keys. People, it seems, are never in complete control of their memories.
we all need to forget, even robots pic
Through the subconscious mechanism of babytalk, a parent's voice can offer encouragement, discipline or comfort, and according to new research findings, it can even facilitate early language development in infants.
hominid mother
We hear with our ears but we listen with our brains. According to Western Sydney University PhD student, Julie Beadle, when it comes to hearing in noisy environments, what we see can impact what we understand.

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