MARCS In The Media

The research conducted in the MARCS Institute is often the feature of informative and entertaining news broadcasted around the world. 

Our researchers contribute to leading media publications such as: 'The Conversation', The Sydney Morning Herald, The Australian, The Daily Telegraph, SBS News, ABC News, The Daily Mail, The Business Insider, Gizmodo and more.

For information, contact the MARCS Institute Media and Communications Officer, Farah Abdurahman on +61 2 9772 6695, Mobile: +61427 945 382 or email,

MEDIA 2017

Speech and Language


MEDIA 2016

Music Cognition and Action

Professor Peter Keller

Professor Kate Stevens

'Dementia research trials "time travel"

Dr Sandra Garrido

Dr Bronson Harry

Dr Andrew Milne and Steffen Herff


Dr Jennifer MacRitchie

Ageing in Harmony  

Speech and Language

Dr Mark Antoniou

Dr Dominique Estival


Human Machine Interaction

Dr Omar Mubin

Dr Omar Mubin and Muneeb Ahmad

Biomedical Engineering and Neuroscience

Dr Farzaneh Ahmadi

Dr Sarah McIntyre

Professor Jonathan Tapson


Professor Denis Burnham

Dr Karen Mulak

Dr Marina Kalashnikova

Anne Dwyer

Multisensory Communication


2015 MEDIA 

Dr Omar Mubin

Professor Kate Stevens 

Dr Manuel Varlet