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Research Highlights


Making the Most of Fading Memory

Efforts to enhance recollection are helping improve the quality of life of people experiencing cognitive decline.

ISS Orbiting Earth 

The first neuromorphic devices to reach space are a technology test case. They will record ‘space lightning’.

Researcher looking at brain images 

A Western Sydney University researcher is investigating the neuroscience underpinning consciousness.

space junk orbiting around earth 

Biologically-inspired cameras can track satellites that even the best optical telescope cannot, thanks to Western Sydney University’s revolutionary, world-first approach to space imaging.

Mother and baby participating in research project 

The connection between mothers and babies may provide important clues for early identification of dyslexia.

Two researchers with BrainWaves machine 

Technology developed by Western researchers can extend the viability of brain slices up to 36 hours.

A checklist for speech success 

A new tool can assess communication skills in young Indigenous children in the languages they speak at home.

Gough Lui with Smart Glove 

Electronic gloves help transfer knowledge from master surgeons to students.

Baby Babble 

Going gaa-gaa over babies has evolutionary roots, and may help infants to develop the power of speech.

VitalCore prototype 

Tackling the condition of sleep apnoea could be as simple as slipping on a T-shirt developed by Western Sydney University researchers.

Baby playing with toys 

Taking a community-based approach to early childhood language promotes children’s communication and identifies hearing problems.