Westmead Health and Research Precinct .

Exemplifying international best-practice, the Innovation Quarter will bring Western Sydney University together with community, healthcare, industry and government partners.

This integrated, collaboratively-driven approach will help deliver outstanding health, economic and social outcomes. Together with our precinct partners, we will seek to reinvent traditional practices and make the latest innovations, technologies and treatments available to Western Sydney sooner.

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Latest News and Events

A revolutionary and world-first approach to space imaging led by Western Sydney University’s International Centre for Neuromorphic Systems (ICNS).


Sowing Seeds For the Future of Forests

Dr Paul Rymer is searching for genetic features that contribute to trees’ adaptation to climate change, so that they can be taken into account for forest management...

Microbes on wheat roots

Prof Brajesh Singh is developing microbial engineering tools that could sustainably increase agricultural output to produce food for a rapidly increasing population....