Foundations of University Learning and Teaching (FULT)

Foundations of University Learning and Teaching (FULT) is a professional development program that is compulsory for all new academic staff with teaching responsibilities appointed for more than one year. Invitations are sent to staff who are required to attend the program. However, those who can provide evidence of equivalent prior learning may be granted exemption. In 2017, the program was updated to align with current and planned strategic initiatives in curriculum development and associated staff professional development needs. The program is built around a project that can be chosen to assist with (rather than add to) the participant's priority work.


The program has three main components: a work-based project, online modules and peer-supported reflective practice activities. The work-based project should ideally be selected to align not only with individual work, but also with discipline curriculum development priorities. Participants can select from a number of online skills topics as needed to suit their work. There will also be cross-discipline peer action learning groups to support project work.

The program starts with some online activities, followed by a half-day project implementation planning session. Participants then progress their project work with peer support and feedback, and submit a final report on all of this work. Members of the Learning Transformations Team will review the reports and provide feedback on whether they meet the standards for satisfactory completion of the program. Reports that are not yet satisfactory can be resubmitted. While the normal expectation would be to complete the program within one semester, there will be some scope for flexibility.

Learning and Teaching

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Date: Tuesday, 1st May 2018
Time: 10:00am-1:30pm
Location: TBC

To register via Mycareer Online, you will need a PC and a supported web browser (Internet Explorer).

  1. From Staff OnLine(opens in a new window), select MyCareer Online from the menu bar (a separate browser page will open)
  2. On the MyCareer Online home page, type "FULT" into the Search box in the top right hand corner and press enter (or click the magnifying glass)
  3. From the search results, click on the title of the course you are interested in
  4. To register, click Request next to the session that you wish to attend.

Exemptions from the program

Exemption from the Foundations program may be granted if staff hold a postgraduate qualification in higher education or adult education; or have completed an equivalent teaching development program; or can demonstrate experience and excellence in teaching as evidenced through documentation of their teaching achievements over the last three years.

Download an exemption form (PDF, 134.21 KB) (opens in a new window)

If you have any additional questions about the program, visit our FULT FAQ's page (opens in a new window)