Creating alternative assessments in vUWS

Creating tests in vUWS

  • How do I create a pool of questions to reduce cheating?
  • How can add questions of different levels for a randomised test that is equitable for all students?
  • What settings do I use to schedule my test?

Tests in vUWS can be used to measure student knowledge and gauge the progress of your students. Tests are versatile, enabling instructors to use them in a way that suits their needs and across any discipline. This module will guide you through the process of creating a Pool of questions, creating the Test and then deploying the Test within vUWS.

Creating tests and assessments in Blackboard (opens in a new window)

A recording of the workshop going through the setting up of pools, tests and deploying tests on the vUWS site can be found here.

Creating Exams in vUWS using the 'Test' tool (opens in a new window)

Save time by uploading your questions through the Quiz Generator (opens in a new window) (applicable for some question types only)

View the Writing questions for online exams resource (PDF, 746.67 KB) (opens in a new window)

Setting Exceptions for students with AIPs

  • How do I create exceptions for students with AIPs?

Some students may have alternate requirements to do an assessment, such as longer time, different time of day or a different due date. This step by step guide shows how to set the exceptions for a person or group.

Setting exceptions in vUWS (PDF, 706.19 KB) (opens in a new window)

Handwritten Submissions

  • How can my students submit handwritten responses?
  • What equipment do my students need to upload handwritten responses

Handwritten responses can be more difficult to submit online than typed responses. Some considerations about instructions to students should be considered. The following resources go through submitting handwritten responses as well as student instructions to upload into vUWS.

Tips for Handwritten Submissions and Online Quizzes (opens in a new window)

Hand-written Workings Submissions in vUWS (opens in a new window)

Student instructions to upload into vUWS (opens in a new window)