This page contains the recordings for the H5P Workshops conducted over the months of June and July, 2021.

Session 1 - Getting Started with Interactive Content

In this session you will learn what H5P has to offer, become familiar with the H5P environment, get an overview of the content types available and learn how to add some knowledge check interactive content (Accordion, Flash Card, Single Choice Set) to your vUWS site.

Session 2 - Using a Question Set to Create Knowledge Checks

This session will focus on creating an interactive knowledge check using a H5P Question Set. We will demonstrate the 6 available question types: Multiple choice, Drag and Drop, Fill in the Blanks, Mark the Words, Drag the Words and True/false.

Session 3 - Enhancing your Content Using Interactives

In this session you will explore some of the new H5P options for enhancing your content with Dialog Cards, Image Hotspots, Image Sliders and Course Presentations.