This page contains recorded sessions regarding HyFlex. This page will be updated regularly with new resources as they become available.

Designing HyFlex Learning Experiences

This workshop will explores how to design a hyflex learning experience including planning activities in synchronous and asynchronous modes. We  also provide technical recommendations for teaching in ZETS (Zoom Enabled Teaching Spaces).

Using Zoom in a Zoom-Enabled Teaching Space (ZETS)

Facilitated by Dr Kim Vincent and Daniel Purdy from Learning Futures, this session provides a brief introduction to a Zoom Enabled Teaching Space - the space itself and the technology within the room.

Teaching in HyFlex: Reflections on a Successful Delivery

This workshop will provide insights on a successful “whole unit” implementation of hyflex delivery in the School of Social Sciences. The Unit Coordinator, Dr Rowena Butland, reflects on the design and delivery of equivalent synchronous and asynchronous learning activities and how effectively students engaged in the learning process.