Assessment Mastermind

The Assessment Mastermind covered topics including assessments, assignments, quizzes, Turnitin, rubrics and the Feedback Studio.

Our friendly eLearning support team presented on the following topics and answered queries along the way.


Setting up Turnitin and grading with Feedback Studio

How to create a Turnitin assignment and mark submissions using Feedback Studio.

1 hour
Setting up Turnitin Rubrics

How to create and attach rubrics to Turnitin submissions and also how to access the rubric in Feedback Studio.

30 mins
Setting up vUWS Assignments and marking with Inline Grading

Learn how to create vUWS Assignments (not Turnitin) and then use Inline Grading to provide feedback and grade your student's assignments.

1 hour
Set up quizzes within your Panopto videos

How to transform your Panopto video to further engage your audience specifically with Quizzes.

30 mins
Setting up the Grade Centre for end of semester

Learn to work on Grade Centre columns online and offline, setup calculation columns and manage Grade Centre columns.

30 mins
Setting up video assignment submissions through Panopto

This session covers the best way to use Blackboard tools to allow students to submit video content, whether it be creating presentations, recording performances or sharing a video.

30 mins
Setting up your final exam in vUWS

Whether it is weekly quizzes or final exams, in this workshop you can learn how to set up your online tests in vUWS.

1 hour