Join our Higher Degree Research (HDR) Student Community

We value and support the significant contribution that HDR students make to the research effort of the country, the university and to the broad research field of university teaching, learning and curriculum. We are particularly interested in working with prospective HDR students whose research interests align with the institutional work of the Portfolio.

If you are looking to propose a research project or you are seeking a HDR supervisor, the following Learning Futures Portfolio (LFP) staff are currently listed on the university's Graduate Supervisor Register:

Check their academic profiles for their specific research expertise.

LFP staff are also involved in the supervision of HDR students at both Western Sydney and at universities elsewhere, with the list of students available here (PDF, 71.02 KB).

By choosing to work with us, you get access to a community of HDR students researching in a range of HE areas and working with a variety of theories and methodologies. Alongside the hard work of 'doing' your research, being a WSU research student and individual meetings with your supervisors, you will:

  • be encouraged to practise presenting your work to local and international audiences;
  • have access to learning opportunities such as HDR writing retreats, local Shut-Up and Write sessions, reading groups and a research seminar series;
  • be supported to publish your research along the way and to navigate the HE publishing scene; and
  • be encouraged to participate in academic communities associated with HE research.

In essence, you will be learning how to locate your research topic in the broad field of higher education as a steward of the research field.

If you are a prospective HDR student keen to be supervised by LFP staff, we will help you negotiate the research proposal attached to the Western Sydney University application process (opens in a new window) so that it has the best chance of succeeding. Contact Dr Tai Peseta (opens in a new window) LFP Research Lead on (02) 9685 9060 to discuss the feasibility of your project and options for supervision.