Research in the Learning Futures Portfolio

The Learning Futures Portfolio approaches its research responsibilities in the following ways:

  • we engage in collaborative research to better understand and transform the WSU educational experience and its connection to the region;
  • we connect WSU staff and students to curriculum research opportunities and support the dissemination of their efforts;
  • we design and operationalise our strategic projects in line with the latest insights from quality and high impact HE research;
  • we draw on the latest HE research to inform the design of our professional learning programs;
  • we engage in HDR supervision to support the next generation of HE researchers;
  • we produce pioneering, scholarly and engaged research as part of our responsibilities to the research communities we belong to, and to drive transformation at WSU; and
  • we contribute our research expertise to the university, to the Australian HE sector, and to international discussions of topical HE issues.

Our Research Outputs

Staff in the LFP are research active. We lead national research projects, are invited as keynote speakers, participate in research communities and produce the typical kinds of research outputs. Many of us are also reviewers for high impact HE journals, sit on editorial boards, and have edited Special Issue journal collections. We will add these details to this website in due course.

Connect and Collaborate with Dr Tai Peseta, LFP Research Lead on (02) 9685 9060.