Course Leaders Forum

In 2019 the DAP Forum series was re-imagined as Course Leaders Forums, with the inclusion of Academic Course Advisors (ACA). These events provide an opportunity for Directors of Academic Programs (DAPs) and Academic Course Advisors (ACAs) to meet and discuss strategic and course level matters, network with colleagues and further explore topics of interest.

Both these roles are key academic leadership roles within Schools and provide strategic advice, planning and direction for the suite of courses assigned to the particular role for both staff and students.

If you have any additional questions about the Course Leaders Forums, please contact Gina Saliba (opens in a new window)

Further Information

Course Leaders Forums - 2021

    May Forum -  5 May 2021
    Topics: Academic Integrity
    Transition and retention
    Student engagement, learning online, student well-being
    Lesons Learned

    July Forum - 14 Jul 2021
    Topic: Staff development and recognition (PD opportunities)

    September Forum - 22 Sep 2021
    Topic: HyFlex curriculum design and delivery, asynchronous equivalence
    New policies e.g. Assessment, Course Design and Approvals (CDA) Policy
    What’s happening in the national sector? New approaches to teaching and curriculum

    November Forum -  23 Nov 2021
    Topic: Credentialing/micro-credentialing and industry certification  
    Assessment (authentic/alternative)

Course Leaders Forums - 2020

    August Forum
    Topic: Enhancing Student Experiences

    October Forum
    Topic: Curriculum Transformation

    Themes for future forums will be announced soon.

Course Leaders Forums - 2019

    April Forum
    Topic: Evidencing and recognising teaching and learning excellence

    May Forum
    Topic: Professional development needs for the 21C Academic

    August Forum
    Topic: Transition and retention pedagogies.

    September Forum
    Topic: Courses from the viewpoint of students and student support services

    October Forum
    Topic: Partnerships driving quality enhancement of our curricular

DAP Forums 2018

    April Forum
    Topic: Engaging with data to improve course quality

    May Forum
    Topic: Students as curriculum partners

    June Forum
    Topic: Implementing the ‘Restructure’ recommendations

    August Forum
    Topic: Higher Education Academy (HEA) Fellowship

    September Forum
    Topic: Enacting Partnership Pedagogies in curriculum

    October Forum
    Topic: Approaches to managing relationships and delivery of third party providers such as OES and Sydney City Campus.

DAP Forums 2017

    March Forum
    Topic: Transition pedagogy and transition challenges: Understanding and facilitating transition from The College, International College and Sydney City Campus

    May Forum 
    Topic: Enhancing and assuring program quality

    June Forum
    Topic: Enabling staff career development planning

    September Forum 
    Topic: Professional skills and identity development for a portfolio career

    October Forum 
    Topic: Leading implementation of alternative teaching models

School Representatives

School of Business

Directors of Academic ProgramsAcademic Course AdvisorsAcademic Course Advisors
Ms Louise Ingersoll Mr Farid AhmedDr Hilal Hurriyet
Mr Graeme MitchellDr Gulay AvsarDr Aila Khan
Dr Heath SpongDr Walid BakryDr Louise Kippist
Dr Francine GarlinDr Nadine CampbellDr Claire Lewin
Dr Laurel JacksonMrs Amanda CraftDr Edward Mariyani-Squire
Dr Daniela SpanjaardMr Ned DoyleDr Jessica Richards
 Ms Jennifer HallMrs Sharne Simmons
 Dr Tim HallMrs Ayda Succarie
 Dr Peter HumphreysDr Karina Wardle

School of Computer, Data and Mathematical Sciences

Directors of Academic ProgramsAcademic Course Advisors
Assoc. Prof. Yun BaiDr Evan Crawford
Ms Simi BajajMr Neil Hopkins
Dr Anton BogdanovychDr Jiansheng Huang
Assoc. Prof. Volker GebhardtDr Zhuhan Jiang
Dr Quang Vinh NguyenDr Omar Mubin
Assoc. Prof. Laurence ParkDr Ante Prodan
Dr Tomas TrescakDr Nicholas Sheppard
Dr Stephen WeissenhoferDr Rosalind Wang
Prof. Yan Zhang 

School of Education

Directors of Academic ProgramsAcademic Course Advisors
Assoc. Prof. Katrina BarkerDr Jose Hanham
Dr Jaydene BarnesDr Jacqueline Humphries
Dr Kay CarrollMs Jana Kovtun
Dr Denise FraserDr Karin Mackay
Dr Jacqueline HumphriesDr Roberto Parada
Dr Erin MackenzieDr Maree Skillen
Mr Terrance WrightDr Marion Sturges
 Mr Terrance Wright

School of Humanities and Communication Arts

Directors of Academic ProgramsAcademic Course AdvisorsAcademic Course Advisors
Dr Dianne DickensonDr Charles BarbourDr Margaret Hanlon
Dr Alison GillDr Helen BasidesMr Dan Johnston
Dr Clare MacleanDr Nicole BridgesDr Xiangdong Liu
Assoc. Prof. Robert MailhammerDr Diane ColmanDr Peter Mauch
Ms Jacki MontgomeryDr Roger DawkinsDr Hiromi Muranaka
 Dr Milissa DeitzProf. Dennis Schmidt
 Dr Navin DoloswalaDr Alison Short
 Dr Waldo GarridoDr kenny Wang
 Dr Myra GurneyDr Ping Yang

School of Law

Directors of Academic ProgramsAcademic Course Advisors
Dr Sandra NoakesDr Sarah Hook
Ms Elen Seymour 
Dr Jennifer Whelan 

School of Medicine

Directors of Academic ProgramsAcademic Course AdvisorsAcademic Course Advisors
Dr Iman HegaziDr Neeshan AbrahamsDr James Nol
Prof. Andrew PageAssoc. Prof. Warren ChanMs Donna Oomens
Prof. Stephen TobinDr Miriam CodariniProf Andrew Page
 Ms Therese FletcherDr Ritesh Raju
 Prof. Connie KatelarisDr Paul Stoodley
 Dr Scott MacKenzieProf. Stephen Tobin
 Assoc. Prof. Harry MerkurMs Cathy Wilson
 Prof. Neil Merrett 

School of Nursing and Midwifery

Directors of Academic ProgramsAcademic Course AdvisorsAcademic Course Advisors
Ms Fiona ArundellMs Cris AlgosoDr Anna Maceri
Dr Rakime ElmirAssoc. Prof. Toni AzzopardiDr Sheeja Perumbil Pathrose
Ms Debbie HetheringtonMs Robyn BowcockMs Rona Pillay
Ms Leanne HuntDr Greg ClarkMr Shyama Ratnayake
Dr Cannas KwokDr Antoinette CottonMrs Paula Sanchez
Ms Nikki-Maree MellerDr Lyn FrancisMs Tracy Stanbrook
Ms Sue WillisMs Patricia GauciMs Annette Studen
 Ms Rachel Gregory-WilsonMs Gloria Teale
 Mrs Hazel KeedleMs Susz Trajkovski
 Dr Cannas KwokMs Spasija Volcevska
 Mrs Leanne LuckDr Christine Walker

School of Social Sciences

Directors of Academic ProgramsAcademic Course AdvisorsAcademic Course Advisors
Dr Neil HallDr Scott AveryDr Joy Paton
Prof. Mary HawkinsDr Abubakar BelloDr Melissa Phillips
Dr Joy PatonDr Daniel DohDr Garry Stevens
Assoc. Prof. Awais PirachaMs Penny GardnerDr Ryan Van Den Nouwelant
Dr Garry StevensDr Erin KrugerDr Irena Veljanova
Dr Ken WoodenDr helena onnudottirDr Julie Wen
 Dr Justine O'SullivanDr Ken Wooden
 Dr Hong-Jae Park 

School of Psychology

Directors of Academic ProgramsAcademic Course Advisors
Dr Janet ContiDr David Arness
Dr Sandra GarridoDr Martin Daly
 Ms Karen Moses
 Dr kell Tremayne

School of Science

Directors of Academic ProgramsAcademic Course Advisors
Dr Christopher GordonDr Hayley Green
Dr Mark JonesDr Sebastian Holmes
Dr Sabine PillerDr Christine Hutchison
Dr Mark TempleDr Thomas Jeffries
Dr Mark WilliamsDr Srinivas Nammi
 Dr Narsimha Reddy
 Dr Val Spikmans
 Dr Richard Thomas

School of Health Sciences

Directors of Academic ProgramsAcademic Course AdvisorsAcademic Course Advisors
Dr Belinda KennyDr Steward AlfordDr Katherine Raw
Dr David LimMr Rocco CavaleriDr Kylie Steel
Dr Paul SimpsonDr Kristy CoxonMs Yu-Ting Sun
Dr Caterina TannousMrs Rebecca Gordon 
Dr Chloe TaylorDr Navin Naidoo 
Dr Steven WalmsleyDr Shona Papalia 
Prof. Xiaoshu ZhuDr Nicole peel 

School of Engineering, Design and Built Environment

Directors of Academic ProgramsAcademic Course AdvisorsAcademic Course Advisors
Dr Sasha AlexanderDr Ali Al-AshwalMs Karen Yevenes
Assoc. Prof. Mary HardieDr Qi ChengDr Leo Zhang
Assoc. Prof. Sean JinDr Kejun DongAssoc. Prof. Haiping Zhu
Dr Ursa KomacMr Grahame DouglasDr Ju Jia Zou
Assoc. Prof. Fidelis MashiriDr Upul Gunawardana 
Dr Payam RahnamayiezekavatDr pan Hu 
Dr Jamal RizkDr Won Hee Kang 
Dr Sepani SenaratneDr Robert Osei-Kyei 
Dr Leigh SheppardDr Reza Razavi 
Dr Qinghua ZengDr Ee Loon Tan 
Assoc. Prof. Sarah ZhangAssoc. Prof. Baolin Wang 
Assoc. Prof. Ming ZhaoDr Helen Wu 

The College

Directors of Academic ProgramsAcademic Course Advisors
Mrs Karen Bertinshaw 
Dr Kathy Gooch 
Miriam Krakovska 
Mr Mitchell Liddle 
Dr Christopher Roffey 
Mrs Juliette Subramaniam