Strategy and Leadership

Leadership of learning transformation is a collaborative whole–of-university undertaking. Staff can get involved in leading teaching change in many ways.

The University's Learning Futures Plan: 2016 - 2020 (opens in a new window) sets out the leadership agenda for learning transformation. If you would like to know more about any of the strategies please contact us (opens in a new window).

Leadership Committees

Senate Committees

Senate Committees (opens in a new window) provide academic governance and oversight for many of the University's strategic change initiatives. The work-plans, terms of reference and members of these committees are available here. Please contact your representative on the Committee to find out how your School or Unit is involved.

Working Parties and Advisory Groups

The Senate Education Committee has a number of 2017 Working Parties and Advisory Groups. These provide opportunities for University staff and students to work on strategic initiatives. Please contact the Chair of the group if you would like to get involved.

Deputy Deans

The University's Deputy Deans provide leadership of learning transformation in their Schools and are core members of the Senate committees. Monthly Deputy Dean's forums provide an opportunity for the collaborative support of that leadership.

Directors of Academic Programs

Directors of Academic Programs (opens in a new window) provide leadership at the course and program level and DAP forums (opens in a new window) throughout the year provide opportunities to support the development of their leadership expertise. The DAP forums are open to all interested staff.

Office of Governance Services

The Office of Governance Services (opens in a new window) provides a wide range of support services to the governing bodies of the University, as well as managing a range of corporate information and functions.

Contact Ms Jacqueline Simoni (opens in a new window), Executive Assistant to the PVC (Learning Transformations) for more information.